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The BOND TEXAS DEFENDER W/TG 45ACP 3″ is an excellent and dependable handgun made for personal defense. This pistol is ideal for concealed carry and self-defense thanks to its small size and potent.45 ACP caliber.

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A Reliable and Powerful Compact Firearm, the Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″

Having a dependable and potent pistol is crucial for self-defense. For those who want to protect their safety in any circumstance, the Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″ is a lightweight and effective solution. This gun has a ton of features that set it apart from other handguns on the market.

Easy to Hide in Compact Design

The Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″‘s compact form is one of its biggest benefits. Due to the firearm’s tiny size and ease of concealment, you may carry it around without drawing attention to yourself. The compact shape also makes the weapon lightweight, which makes it simple to wield and use for extended periods of time.

Maximum stopping power with a powerful caliber

The.45 ACP cartridge used in the Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″ is renowned for its potency. In self-defense circumstances where you need to rapidly and effectively stop an attacker, this caliber is excellent. Furthermore, the.45 ACP cartridge is dependable, so you can rely on the gun to fire when you need it most.

Strong Design for Long-Term Use

Choosing a long-lasting firearm is essential when making an investment in one. High-quality components were used in the construction of the Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″ to guarantee its lifespan and sturdiness. The frame and barrel of the firearm are constructed from corrosion- and wear-resistant stainless steel. The gun also has a rubber grip that offers a safe and comfortable hold even during prolonged use.

Sights with TruGlo for Greater Accuracy

Any self-defense scenario requires precise shooting. The TruGlo sights on the Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″ are made to increase your shooting experience and accuracy. Even in low light, it’s simple to view the sights, allowing you to quickly and accurately hit your target.

Trigger with Two Actions for Smooth Firing

The double-action trigger on the Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″ ensures a smooth and reliable firing experience. To enable its accurate and trouble-free firing of the firearm, the trigger is made to be simple to operate. The double-action trigger also adds an extra level of security because it needs to be pulled deliberately in order to fire the gun.

Self-defense is made easy with the dependable and potent Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″. It stands out among handgun options thanks to its small size, strong caliber, robust build, TruGlo sights, and double-action trigger. The Bond Texas Defender W/TG 45ACP 3″ is a fantastic alternative to take into consideration for your self-defense needs, regardless of your level of experience with firearms.


Handgun Y
Manufacturer id BONDAR
StateRestrictions MA
Description With Trigger Guard
Model Texas Defender
Item Type Hand Gun
Manufacturer Item Number TD45ACP
Caliber 45 ACP
Grips/Stock Rosewood
Manufacturer weight 21oz
Manufacturer part # TD45ACP
Brand Bond Arms
Capacity 2Rd
Finish/Color Stainless
Action Derringer
Frame/Material Steel
Hand Ambidextrous
Barrel Length 3″





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