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Dedicated Customer Support

At, our commitment to firearm enthusiasts and buyers across the United States is exemplified by our exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable Rangemasters are available through various channels, including phone, email, and online contact forms, to assist you with expert guidance on product selection, purchasing, and compliance. For operating hours and useful links, please click here.’s Exceptional Return Policy

At, we take pride in our comprehensive return policy, setting us apart with an extended return timeframe, clear-cut instructions, and dedicated customer support. Our primary objective is to ensure your satisfaction and facilitate a seamless return experience. For a detailed overview of our complete return policy, please click here.

Predictable Flat-Rate Shipping

Our flat-rate shipping option ensures transparent pricing for shipping your order, regardless of its weight, size, or destination. This is particularly advantageous when acquiring firearms or bulkier items, such as ammunition and accessories. Variable-rate shipping charges can significantly increase for larger or heavier items, making flat-rate shipping a cost-effective choice. To explore our shipping rates, please click here.

Flexible Financing Solutions

We understand that budgetary considerations can impact firearm purchases. offers financing options to enhance affordability, flexibility, and accessibility for our customers. These financing choices help break down financial barriers, making it easier for you to obtain the firearms and accessories you desire. To learn more about our financing options, click here.

Support for Local Gun Stores proudly supports local gun stores by providing a platform to showcase their inventory. This increased visibility expands their customer base and offers an additional avenue for sales. Our Dealer Outlet empowers local stores to tap into the online market, reach a broader audience, and boost sales and revenue. Explore our local dealer outlet here.

Certified Used Firearms

We take pride in authenticating our used gun inventory, ensuring that each Certified Used Gun undergoes a rigorous inspection and evaluation process. This certification guarantees the firearm’s condition, functionality, and safety, offering you peace of mind. Purchasing a Certified Used Gun eliminates uncertainty and potential risks, as it verifies the gun’s reliability and identifies any necessary repairs or maintenance. Browse our Certified Used guns here.

Rare & Collectible Firearms caters to collectors and enthusiasts by offering a diverse inventory of rare and collectible firearms from different eras, manufacturers, and historical significance. These collectible guns encompass antique and historical firearms, limited edition models, and unique variants that hold immense value and significance within the firearms community. Discover our rare gun collection here.
Frequent Promotions
We frequently provide special deals, discounts, and promotions on firearms, ammunition, accessories, and related products. These promotions encompass limited-time discounts, bundle offers, clearance sales, and seasonal specials. Explore all our deals and promotions here.

Transparent Pricing

Unlike gun auctions that involve bidding wars, buying a gun online at offers a transparent pricing structure. You can select your desired firearm from our available inventory at a set price, avoiding uncertainty and potential disappointments associated with auctions. Learn more about our buying process here.

Norton Shopping Guarantee

Ensuring Your Security and Satisfaction with the Norton Shopping Guarantee
At, we prioritize your peace of mind and online shopping confidence through the Norton Shopping Guarantee program. This program is designed to instill trust in customers by safeguarding their personal information securely. It encompasses a purchase guarantee, a lowest price guarantee, and identity theft protection. For a detailed understanding of the Norton Shopping Guarantee Terms & Conditions, kindly visit this page.

We Purchase Firearms

Selling your firearm online to a reputable website with a broad market reach offers convenience and secure transaction options. simplifies the selling process and provides additional safeguards to ensure a smooth and secure transaction. Learn more about selling your firearm here.