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SRM Model M-1216 18.5″ 12GA 16RD FDE






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SRM Arms Model M-1216 12 Gauge 16rd FDE Semi-Automatic Shotgun

SRM Model M-1216 18.5″ 12GA 16RD FDE is the top choice semi-automatic shotgun for personal protection, law enforcement, and the military. This shotgun is packed with features, one of the unique features of the M1216 shotgun is that it has a detachable magazine. Moreover, its economically compact design with lightweight provides flexibility as well as detachable magazines. Which provides firepower with force multiplication and tactical advantages. If you’re looking to buy SRM Arms Model M-1216 12 Gauge 16rd FDE semi-automatic shotgun, then you’ll easily find it in stock for sale at our gun store at the best price.

Additionally, the length of the model m-1216 semi-automatic 12 gauge is 34 inches with a standard 18-inch barrel. Moreover, more compact 1212 (13″ in barrel) and 1208 (10″ in barrel) are available. It also has mounted optics, sights, lights with other tactical accessories. It also has a pushpin disassembly and breaks open design which allows easy field-stripping maintenance. Additionally, model m-1216 is equipped with an ambidextrous receiver and controls can be set up for either right or left-handed shooters.


  • Caliber: 12GA
  • Barrel Length: 18.5
  • OAL: 32.5
  • Weight: 7.25 lbs
  • Magazine Type: Detachable
  • High Capacity Manually Indexing
  • Magazine Capacity: 16 rounds
  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Cartridge: 12GA 2 3/4 and 3 shells
  • Round Types: Game loads Trap loads Slugs #00 Buck other specialty rounds

Our Guarantee:

SRM Arms Model M-1216 12 Gauge is a semi-automatic shotgun is a reliable, durable, and well-tested shotgun. You can check out the selection of ammo for this gun, you can also contact us for any kind of information about choosing a semi-automatic shotgun as per your requirement. Moreover, in case you are looking to buy SRM Arms Model M-1216 12 Gauge is a semi-automatic shotgun, you will easily find it in stock for sale here at our gun shop at the best price. Moreover, you can also go through the discount deals on other ammo products as well. In case of any query, do not hesitate to contact us.



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