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Smith and Wesson PC 325 THUNDER RANCH 45 ACP Revolver



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Smith and Wesson PC 325 THUNDER RANCH 45 ACP Revolver:

For shooters who require precision and dependability, Smith & Wesson Performance Center (PC) 325 Thunder Ranch 45 ACP revolver is a high-performance weapon.
It is an engineering marvel that combines cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship to create a gun that is not only stunning to look at but also very useful. This revolver, one of the most well-liked handguns on the market today, was created expressly to fulfill the needs of law enforcement and general shooters.

Features and Design

The PC 325 Thunder Ranch 45 ACP has a 4-inch barrel and a stainless steel frame, giving the user a robust, dependable weapon.
The gun has a comfortable, ergonomic black synthetic grip that will help the shooter keep a solid grasp on the weapon even under the most trying circumstances. The revolver’s 33.3 ounce total weight makes it simple to wield and accurate to fire.
The PC 325 Thunder Ranch adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight, which contribute to its remarkable accuracy, are two of its most notable characteristics. The revolver’s cylinder can store six rounds of 45 ACP ammo, making it perfect for target shooting or self-defense.


Built for performance, the PC 325 Thunder Ranch 45 ACP.
Its smooth and reliable double-action trigger pull makes it simple for the shooter to fire correctly. The hammer of the revolver is made to transfer energy as efficiently as possible, ensuring that each shot is discharged with sufficient force to strike the targeted target.
Additionally, the barrel of the revolver is specifically made to minimize recoil, making it simpler for the shooter to retain accuracy even when firing numerous rounds quickly one after the other. This makes the PC 325 Thunder Ranch 45 ACP a great option for self-defense or competition shooting situations when precision and quick follow-up rounds are essential.


The most important factor in weapons is dependability. Reliability is a priority in the PC 325 Thunder Ranch 45 ACP design.
The revolver’s stainless steel frame and cylinder are constructed to endure rigorous use, and its internal parts are designed to function consistently even in the worst situations.
Each cartridge fits tightly and firmly in the revolver’s cylinder thanks to accurate milling, which eliminates any feeding or extraction problems.
The revolver’s hammer and trigger mechanism are also extremely durable and will continue to function perfectly even after thousands of rounds have been shot.



45 ACP
Barrel length
Hammer style
Black Synthetic
Gold Bead Front, Adjustable Rear
30.7 oz
Frame description
Black Scandium Alloy
Frame size
Cylinder finish
Black Stainless Steel
Barrel finish
Barrel length range
4.00″ to 4.99″
Weight range
16.00 oz to 31.99 oz
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