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SAV 22208 11TH XP 308 YTH MGC W/NIK




  1. Accurate: Savage Axis II XP .308 offers precise and consistent shot placement.
  2. Affordable: A high-quality rifle at an affordable price point.
  3. Reliable: Dependable and durable, built to withstand tough conditions.
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Savage Axis II XP .308 Winchester

The SAV 22208 11TH XP 308 YTH MGC W/NIK rifle is a top-quality firearm that is designed for professional hunters. The rifle is available for purchase at Ammo gun shop at an affordable price, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a reliable and high-performance hunting rifle.

The Axis II XP .308 Winchester Bolt-Action Rifle features a button-rifled barrel that provides superior accuracy and precision. The rifle has a four-round capacity, making it ideal for taking down small to medium-sized game. It is also equipped with an AccuTrigger, which allows for a smooth and consistent trigger pull, ensuring accuracy and precision with every shot.

The factory-mounted scope with tang safety makes it easy for hunters to take aim at their target quickly and efficiently, reducing the chances of missing their shot. The rifle also has a youth size stock, making it perfect for younger hunters who are just starting out.

The origins of the gun can be traced back to the 19th century, where bolt-action rifles were first invented. Bolt-action rifles quickly became popular among hunters and military personnel due to their high accuracy and reliability. Over time, they were improved upon, and new technologies were added, making them even more effective.

One story that comes to mind is that of a young hunter named Jack, who had just started hunting with his father. Jack was eager to learn the ropes and become a skilled hunter like his dad. His father decided to surprise him with a new rifle, the SAV 22208 11TH XP 308 YTH MGC W/NIK, to help him improve his skills.

On their next hunting trip, Jack and his father set out to hunt deer in the nearby woods. Jack was nervous but excited, knowing that he had a new rifle to try out. As they walked through the woods, they spotted a large buck grazing in a nearby clearing. Jack’s heart started racing as he raised his new rifle and took aim.

He slowly squeezed the trigger, and the rifle fired with a loud boom. The buck fell to the ground, and Jack and his father rushed over to inspect their catch. Jack was thrilled to see that he had made a clean shot, and his father was proud of him for taking down such a large buck on his first try.

From that day forward, Jack’s SAV 22208 11TH XP 308 YTH MGC W/NIK rifle became his go-to firearm for all his hunting trips. He loved the accuracy and precision that it provided and felt confident in his abilities as a hunter.

Overall, the SAV 22208 11TH XP 308 YTH MGC W/NIK rifle is an excellent choice for professional hunters and beginners alike. Its high accuracy, reliability, and affordability make it a top choice among firearms enthusiasts. Whether you’re hunting for small game or taking on larger prey, this rifle is sure to provide the performance you need to succeed.

SAV Specifications

Action Bolt
Caliber 308 Win,7.62 NATO
Barrel length 20″
Capacity 4+1
Trigger AccuTrigger
Safety Three Position
Oal 39.50″
Weight 7 lbs
Stock description Synthetic Muddy Girl
Metal finish Black
Twist 1:10″
Barrel description Carbon Steel
Receiver material Steel
Sights None, Scope
Barrel length range 20.00″ to 20.99″
Weight range 7.00 lbs to 7.99 lbs
Hand Right Youth/Compact
Stock finish group Natural Camouflage
Metal finish group Blued/Black

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