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  • The JTS M12AK 12 Gauge Sem-automatic Shotgun is versatile, affordable, and reliable, making it a top choice for home defense, hunting, and tactical use.

  • Its gas-operated system and detachable magazine allow for fast and easy cycling of rounds, ensuring quick follow-up shots.

  • The shotgun’s compact size and adjustable sights make it easy to maneuver and aim, giving users a tactical advantage.


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JTS M12AK 12 Gauge Sem-automatic Shotgun

The JTS M12AK 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun is a versatile firearm that combines the best features of a shotgun and an AK-47. This gun has an 18.7-inch barrel and a 5+1 capacity, making it suitable for a range of shooting activities. Whether you’re hunting, engaging in tactical training, or simply looking for a reliable home defense weapon, the JTS M12AK is an excellent choice.

One of the key features of the JTS M12AK 12 Gauge Sem-automatic Shotgun is its adjustable 4-position gas system. This system allows the gun to be customized to different loads, from lightweight 2-3/4″ shells to heavy 3″ slugs. This means that the JTS M12AK can be used for a wide range of shooting activities, making it a versatile firearm that can be used in a variety of situations.

The JTS M12AK also features a comfortable pistol grip and an adjustable stock. This makes it easy to customize the gun to your individual preferences and ensures that you can use it comfortably for extended periods of time. Additionally, the JTS M12AK has a built-in Picatinny rail, allowing you to easily attach optics or other accessories to the gun.

The JTS M12AK is based on the iconic AK-47 rifle, which was first developed in the Soviet Union in the 1940s. The AK-47 is known for its rugged reliability, simple design, and ease of use. These same qualities are present in the JTS M12AK, which takes the best features of the AK-47 and combines them with the power and versatility of a shotgun.

The JTS M12AK is manufactured by JTS Group, a firearms company based in Rockledge, Florida. JTS Group has a reputation for producing high-quality firearms at an affordable price. The JTS M12AK is no exception, offering a combination of reliability, performance, and affordability that is hard to beat.

One of the benefits of the JTS M12AK is its versatility. This gun can be used for a range of shooting activities, from hunting and target shooting to tactical training and home defense. The adjustable gas system allows you to customize the gun to different loads, making it suitable for a range of ammunition types. Additionally, the comfortable pistol grip and adjustable stock ensure that you can use the gun comfortably for extended periods of time.

Another benefit of the JTS M12AK is its affordability. This gun is priced competitively, making it accessible to a wide range of shooters. Despite its affordable price point, the JTS M12AK is a high-quality firearm that offers reliable performance and excellent accuracy.

Overall, the JTS M12AK 12 gauge semi-auto shotgun is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a versatile, reliable, and affordable firearm. Whether you’re an experienced shooter or a beginner, the JTS M12AK offers a combination of features and benefits that is hard to beat. So if you’re looking for a shotgun that combines the power of a 12 gauge with the reliability of an AK-47, the JTS M12AK is definitely worth considering.


  • Manufacturer/Model: JTS M12AK
  • Caliber: 12 Gauge
  • Barrel Length: 18.7”
  • Overall Length: 39.37”
  • Chamber: 2 ¾”and 3”shells
  • Action: Semi- Automatic
  • Sights: Modified Adjustable AK Sights
  • Picatinny Rail
  • Chrome lined barrel
  • 4-Position gas system for adjustments based on loads
  • Fits Rem Choke tubes
  • Comes with two 5 round magazines


JTS M12AK semi-automatic shotgun is a reliable, durable, and well-tested shotgun. Additionally, you can check out the selection of ammo for this gun. You can also contact us for any kind of information about choosing ammo or a semi-automatic shotgun as per requirement. Moreover, you can buy JTS M12AK 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun, you’ll easily find it in stock for sale at our gun shop at the best price. Moreover, you can go through the discount deals on other ammo products as well. In case of any query, do not hesitate to contact us.

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