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A special firearm that combines the best qualities of a lever-action rifle and a pistol is the HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG. In recent years, this weapon has become increasingly popular, especially among fans of the Old West and western culture. We’ll go into great detail about the HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG in this article.
Features and Design
A small gun that stands out from the competition thanks to its striking design is the HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG.
It is simple to carry and manage because to its shorter barrel, which measures just 12.9 inches. The firearm is constructed of high-quality components, such as a brass receiver and a blued steel barrel, giving it a durable appearance. The HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG’s lever-action system is one of its distinguishing qualities.
This makes it possible for the shooter to load and fire the gun swiftly and simply, making it perfect for shooting targets or for self-defense. The rifle also includes a big loop lever that makes it simple to use even with gloves on.
The HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG is a superb choice for hunting or target shooting since it is built for accuracy and precision. The trigger pull is crisp and the action is smooth, enabling the shooter to fire the rifle with ease and accuracy.
The weapon is chambered in the potent.45 Colt round, which can dispatch huge wildlife. The HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG’s ease of carrying and maneuverability is one of its advantages.
This makes it perfect for usage in confined locations, such as a vehicle or in a circumstance requiring home defense. With a weight of only 4.45 pounds, the rifle is also quite portable and easy to carry for extended periods of time without getting tired.
Safety Options
When handling weapons, safety is always of utmost importance. The HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG has various features that guarantee safe operation.
In addition to a rebounding hammer that stops the gun from shooting if the trigger is not fully depressed, the gun incorporates a half-cock safety that guards against accidental discharge.
A transfer bar safety on the firearm also stops the hammer from reaching the firing pin unless the trigger is fully pulled to the rear. This means that unless the shooter intends to fire the gun, it won’t do so. The HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG is a secure and dependable firearm thanks to these safety measures.
A special and adaptable rifle that is great for hunting, target shooting, or self-defense is the HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG. For those who appreciate accuracy and precision, it is a top pick because to its small size, smooth operation, and strong cartridge.
The gun is an excellent choice for usage in confined locations or over an extended period of time because it is lightweight and convenient to carry.
The HENRY H006CML MARES LEG 45COLT HG is a dependable and safe pistol that is guaranteed to impress even the most discerning gun enthusiast with its classic style and cutting-edge safety features.
Type Pistol
Action Lever
Caliber 45 Colt (LC)
Barrel length 12.904″
Capacity 5+1
Safety Transfer Bar
Grips Walnut
Sights Adj Semi Buckhorn Rear/Brass Bead Front
Weight 5.79 lbs
Metal finish Brass Receiver/Blued Barrel
Stock material American Walnut
Oal 25″
Stock finish Satin
Stock type American Walnut
Barrel length range 12.00″ to 12.99″
Weight range 5.00 lbs to 5.99 lbs


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