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Benjamin® Pioneer Airbow Package

  • Fires full-length Airbow arrows at 450 fps
  • Quickly and easily cock and decock with two fingers
  • Air pushes arrows from the front, resulting in 2″ groups at 50 yds.
  • Built-in air reservoir with pressure gauge for easy monitoring
  • Scope adjusts for parallax and has aiming points out to 75 yds.
A New Category of Hunting Replace your crossbow with the enhanced accuracy and full-length arrow speeds of 450 fps with Benjamin’s revolutionary Pioneer Airbow Package. Based on Benjamin’s American-made PCP platform, the Airbow propels full-size arrows and broadheads with air. Quickly cock and decock with two fingers, allowing you to fire arrows much more quickly than your crossbow is capable of. Arrows are pushed from the front rather than from the rear, resulting in consistently tight 2″ groups at 50 yds. Ideal for hunters that are unable to draw a bow or pull a crossbow’s cocking rope. Compact 2″ width delivers enhanced maneuverability compared to crossbows for use in ground blinds and treestands. Comes equipped with CenterPoint’s 6x40mm scope that’s manufactured specifically for the Airbow, delivering spot-on accuracy from a distance. Scope includes adjustable parallax settings from 5 yds. and beyond and a custom MTAG reticle with aiming points out to 75 yds. Canted Picatinny base allows an additional 20 MOA of adjustment. Built-in air reservoir with pressure gauge for easily monitoring remaining air pressure. Includes adapter for easy refilling from your tank or pump. Check local game laws if hunting with the Airbow. Included 375-gr. AirBow arrows with 100-gr. field points have a nano-ceramic Victory ICE™ coating for increased speed and penetration that’s easier to remove from targets. Recommended field point 11/32” or 22/64”.
33.5″L x 2″W.
Wt: 7 lbs.
Benjamin Pioneer Airbow Package includes: Airbow, Benjamin bow sling, MTAG scope, air reservoir with pressure gauge and refilling adapter, three Airbow arrows, three 100-gr. field points and Realtree AP® decal kit.