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The ARSENAL SAM7SF 762X39 16″ 10RD FOLD available for sale at the Ammo Gun Shop at the best price.

Arsenal, Inc. Sam-7 Rifle, Semi-automatic, 762×39, 16″ Hammer Forged Barrel, Black Finish, Side Folding Stock, Adjustable Sights, 10rd, Milled Receiver, Scope Rail Sam7sf-84.

This 7.62×39 type rifle consolidates genuine, top notch includes once in a while found in the American market.

Also, from its interesting right-side collapsing rounded buttstock to its 24×1. 5mm gag strings with gag brake, each part of the SAM7SF is designed to give many years of trustworthy and exact assistance.

Do you demand the best and nothing less? The Arsenal Sam 7sf’s META (match Enhanced Trigger Assembly) gives you the finest factory trigger available in a polymer-framed pistol.

Moreover, from its flat face to an integral overtravel stop, the META trigger redefines precision.

Also, redesigned slide serrations give you both larger and enhanced grasping grooves for even better purchase.

Origins of the Arsenal SAM7SF

The Arsenal SAM7SF is manufactured by Arsenal, Inc., a well-known Bulgarian firearms manufacturer that has been producing high-quality rifles since 1878. The SAM7SF is a semi-automatic rifle that was originally designed for military use, but has since become popular among civilian gun enthusiasts.

Features of the Arsenal SAM7SF

The Arsenal SAM7SF features a 16″ hammer-forged barrel that is designed to provide maximum accuracy and reliability. The rifle also features a milled receiver, which adds to its durability and longevity. Additionally, the SAM7SF has a unique right-side folding rounded buttstock, which makes it easy to carry and store.
The rifle also comes with adjustable sights, which allow users to fine-tune their aim and achieve the highest level of accuracy possible. The 10-round magazine provides plenty of firepower for hunting, target shooting, or self-defense.

Benefits of the Arsenal SAM7SF

The Arsenal SAM7SF is an excellent rifle that offers a range of benefits to users. One of the main benefits of this rifle is its high level of accuracy. The hammer-forged barrel and adjustable sights make it easy to achieve pinpoint accuracy, even at long ranges.
Another benefit of the SAM7SF is its durability. The milled receiver and high-quality construction materials make this rifle extremely durable and resistant to wear and tear. This means that it will provide reliable performance for years to come.
The META trigger assembly is another standout feature of the Arsenal SAM7SF. This trigger provides users with an incredibly precise and smooth shooting experience. The trigger is also polymer-framed, which makes it lightweight and easy to use.

Story of the Arsenal SAM7SF

John was an avid gun enthusiast who was looking for a new rifle to add to his collection. He had heard about the Arsenal SAM7SF from some of his friends, and decided to check it out for himself.
When John arrived at the Ammo Gun Shop, he was impressed by the SAM7SF’s sleek design and high-quality construction. He decided to take it for a test run at the shooting range, and was blown away by its accuracy and reliability.
After purchasing the SAM7SF, John took it out on several hunting trips and was consistently impressed by its performance. He found that the rifle was easy to carry and store thanks to its unique folding buttstock, and that the adjustable sights allowed him to fine-tune his aim for maximum accuracy.
Overall, John was extremely satisfied with his purchase of the Arsenal SAM7SF. He would highly recommend this rifle to any gun enthusiast who is looking for a high-quality, reliable, and accurate rifle that is built to last.

Arsenal Sam7sf Details:

  • 100% new-production parts and components.
  • Bulgarian hot-die hammer forged receiver, bolt, bolt carrier, and enhanced FCG
  • Cold hammer-forged 16.3 barrel from Arsenals Bulgarian factory, built on Steyr manufacturing technology
  • Hard-chrome plated bore and chamber
  • Removable one-piece design muzzle brake with 24×1.5mm right hand threads.
  • Right-side folding tubular stock
  • Ambidextrous safety lever
  • Side-mounted scope rail.
  • 922(r) compliant with US made or imported magazines.
  • Substantially extended service life over other types of assemblies.

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