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AK47 Mag Steel 30rd 3Pack Croatian BHO, 7.62×39 – NEW Eastern Bloc Pattern- 3Pack



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AK47 Magazine Steel 7.62×39 – 30 Round Croatian BHO, NEW, Correct Eastern Bloc Pattern – 3 Pack

These BRAND NEW soviet-style/COMBLOC magazines are an amazing find for your AK47 Mag Steel 30th 3Pack Croatian BHO, 7.62×39 – NEW Eastern Bloc Pattern- 3Pack.  Feed your AK, AKM, RPK, Saiga, VEPR, Arsenal SAM7, SLR-107, Yugo, PKMS, M92 PAP, M70, WASR, SAR-1, Draco, Norinco, Polytech, etc. right with one of these Croatian magazines.  These mags are original eastern European mil-spec and are almost identical in construction and design to the old surplus Yugoslavian AK47 magazines.  We have compared these to a personal stash of old, very used Yugo BHO AK 30s, and the stamping pattern, design, and manufacture is identical (save some of the exact widths of the stamping lines).  These are just obviously brand new production from the same process if not the same machines/factories.
Bolt Hold Open (“BHO”):  These blued steel magazines have a follower that holds the bolt open after the last round is fired, just like the Yugoslavian manufactured bolt hold open magazines.  If you are familiar with the old Yugo BHO’s and know AKs well enough, almost every AK (of the original design) is NOT designed with an internal bolt hold open mechanism.  These mags have a raised follower design that catches the bolt after the last round, holding the bolt open WITH the mag still in place in the receiver.  ONCE THE MAG IS REMOVED THE ACTION SLAMS CLOSED.
STORAGE:  These magazines are packaged in VCI material, so you can store them for a rainy day if you need to.  All magazines will have an oily coating on them, inside the VCI package (not sticky, easily wiped away).  VCI Packaging is designed for long-term storage without degradation of the metal components within.  Once the package is opened, anti-corrosion and waterproofing are no longer guaranteed.
  • AK, AKM, AK47 type Rifles
  • Caliber:  7.62×39 (double stack)
  • Capacity:  30 Rounds
  • Material:  Steel
  • Bolt Hold Open Follower (BHO) Steel
  • VCI Packaged, Coated for Long Term Storage
  • NEW Production
  • Made in Croatia


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