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224 Valkyrie 75 Grain TMJ Federal American Eagle- 200 Rounds

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Federal American Eagle .224 Valkyrie 75 Grain TMJ AE224VLK1 – 200 Rounds Case (same lot #)

For long-range shooting, use the 224 Valkyrie 75 Grain TMJ Federal American Eagle – 200 Rounds, a premium round of ammunition. Because of its remarkable accuracy, consistency, and dependability, this ammunition is a top pick for serious marksmen and hunters.
Precision and accuracy
Even at great distances, the 224 Valkyrie 75 Grain TMJ Federal American Eagle gives excellent accuracy and precision. The bullet in this round weighs 75 grains total metal jacket (TMJ), ensuring reliable performance shot after shot. The lead core of the bullet, enclosed by the TMJ design of this round, increases the bullet’s stability and lowering fouling to maintain a constant muzzle velocity and trajectory.
When selecting ammo for hunting or long-range shooting, reliability is an important factor to take into account. The 224 Valkyrie 75 Grain TMJ Federal American Eagle has a high level of dependability because of its premium parts and careful construction. The round’s Boxer-primed brass case, which provides exceptional corrosion resistance and guarantees dependable feeding and extraction, is used in its construction.
For long-range shots to be accurate, consistency is essential. Shot after shot, the 224 Valkyrie 75 Grain TMJ Federal American Eagle  functions consistently. The bullet’s TMJ design guarantees uniformity in weight and shape, which contributes to a stable muzzle velocity and trajectory. The round also has non-corrosive powders that are accurately loaded and metered to maintain constant pressure and velocity.
  • Caliber:  224 Valkyrie
  • Bullet Weight:  75 Grains
  • Bullet Style:  TMJ (Total Metal Jacket)
  • Bullet Casing:  Brass, Reloadable
  • Bullet Primer:  Boxer, Non-Corrosive
  • Muzzle (Velocity):  3000 fps
  • Muzzle (Energy):  1499 ft. lb.
  • Manufacturer’s Part#:  AE224VLK1
  • Made in the USA by Federal


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